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Knowing your niche

By Larry Johnson

It's a big Internet out there! Have you discovered your niche? What is your particular talent that can bring success to your internet efforts?

It may take some time discover exactly how to use your talents to your best advantage. Are you a web designer? Are you a writer? Are you an expert at promotion of businesses? You probably are the best judge of the talents that you offer to the internet challenge.

I like to write. I have a background in radio and t-v which involved writing and production of commercials. I enjoy using whatever skills I have as a writer in developing online newsletters, e-mail advertisements and website text. My skills in graphics, website design and all the technical aspects of site development are much more limited. I'm struggling with html and use a WYSIWYG program to put up a new site. I'm working on developing better skills in these areas, but I frequently have to ask for help from those who know what they are doing in their area of expertise.

Discovering the many opportunities for using your talents will take some time. Each day I discover new things about the net. Don't you? After the daily promotion of my online business offerings including my business newsletter, I frequently see offers and information so interesting and tempting that I have to chase-off to read the details and investigate the possibilities. I always learn something new.

“ Whatever your particular talent is, I believe there is an obligation we have as individuals to share our skill with others. ”

Whatever your particular talent is, I believe there is an obligation we have as individuals to share our skill with others. It isn't a legal requirement. No internet police is going to enforce it. I'm suggesting that it is more of a moral and humanistic obligation to provide help, suggestions and assistance to those who are newer to the internet world than we are. I believe that by helping others we always gain more than we give. That is one of the main reasons I offer a free newsletter with tips and helpful articles.

Do you remember how it was when you first entered the online maze? Was there someone who offered to point you in the right direction with developing your website and promoting it? I'll bet there was! In fact there were probably numerous persons who provided help to you. I know I found my share of them! I certainly would not now be where I am on the Internet without their assistance. I would still be lost in "cyber-space."

There are lots of good websites that offer free help to beginners without any strings or obligation. They are the ones that I give serious consideration to when looking for a product, service or information. I like the idea of doing business with someone on the internet that knows how to give as well as receive.

So discover your niche on the net and then offer some help to others. It's a simple formula for success on the internet.

The author, Larry Johnson, is a webmaster and editor with four years experience surfing the internet. He has a background in radio and TV writing and producing commercials and has developed promotional newsletters. Additional work experience includes sales and counseling. He currently authors Biz Frontpage, a free weekly business newsletter.