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Back Off!

By Michael Bloch

You're out cruising the 'net and decide to try a link on a page that may be of some interest. The link takes you to another site, and after you have finished taking a peek around, you decide to start heading back to the previous site.

You click your way back through the pages and suddenly...

You are trapped!

The "back" button has mysteriously been greyed out; resistance is futile - there is no escape. Muttering ancient verse under your breath you actually have to type an address in the address bar (which we all know is horribly labour intensive and not at all dignified) to escape the wicked web wolf.

“ would you want to link to a site that refused in allowing your visitors to return in the normal fashion? ”

Welcome to the world of "Back Off". Now, perhaps web designers think this is an excellent way to hold people on their site, but it seems to me to be just another annoying trick - and while you may keep the visitor on your site for a few extra seconds to see that banner ad that you're really proud of and believe will make you a million dollars from; you may not see that visitor ever again.

No visitors = waste of space, waste of time, waste of money...

And from the other end of the formula, I ask the web masters - would you want to link to a site that refused in allowing your visitors to return in the normal fashion? If your site contains a number of exterior links as mine does, the safest bet is to set all links to open in a new window if you aren't able to monitor all your link partners on a regular basis.

The point of a web site is to entice and interest, not to make visitors feel that they are stepping on to a rabbit trap...

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