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Bold, italic and underlined

Although it is still valid to make text bold, italic or underlined, it is generally not a good idea to do it in this way. For one thing underlined text is often mistaken for being a link, as most links are underlined. This makes it very difficult to follow your pages!

<u>Bad, bad, bad! Underlined text is hard to follow!</u>

Bold text is also not such a good idea, or at least not in the way that it is done in the example below. This is because the bold says absolutely nothing about the text other than it should be visually bold - something that HTML is not about! As is usually the case, Cascading Stylesheets should be used for this.

<b>Bold text done in a bad, bad way!</b>

Making text italic in the way shown below is also not such a good idea for the same reasons as above.

<i>Italicised in another bad, bad way!</i>

Now that we have shown you how you can do, and told you why you shouldn't, you are probably wondering why on Earth we bothered? Well, this tutorial was intended purely as a history lesson - this is how it was done before Cascading Stylesheets came along and before people began to realize that it said little about the semantics of the document.

In the next tutorial we shall discuss the use of quotes on your webpage and the different types of quotes that you can use.

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