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Header elements

This element comes immediately after the html opening tag. This is where all the hidden information about a page is kept. There are many elements that are kept within the head section of a web page, such as: the title element, style sheets, meta tags and some others.

You should also remember to close the head element using the </head> tag. This should be done after all the elements you wish to include in your head section.

    <title>Example title</title>

The above code shows an example of how the head section is used. The title element is used to set the title of the document, which is usually displayed on the title bar of the browser and in the taskbar of your operating system.

Other elements that are commonly used within the head section include <link rel="stylesheet" href="file.css">, which is used to link a stylesheet to the document and indicate how your document should be displayed (colors etc). You can also use meta tags, but these are not discussed here.

In the next tutorial we will discuss the body section, and why this is the most important section of your code.

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