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4th May 2005 After AffordableHost was sold to DotCanada, we experienced several server problems. We therefore have now moved the site to Page-Zone, where we have so far experienced extremely prompt and efficient technical support.

6th December 2004 A few months back we changed the site so that all pages would be viewed without the WWW prefix in the address; Unfortunately we forgot to change the Google search form at the top of the page! Oops! This meant that once Google had stopped indexing pages with the WWW prefix, no results were being shown :( Anyway, it is now fixed and the search form works again.

1st August 2004 July was a busy month for Webpage Workshop. We have just completed a server move to our new Web host, AffordableHost inc. Hopefully there won't be too many teething problems as we move into this month!

27th May 2004 It's been a while since the last update to the site, but that's because we've been working on a new design! Gone is the blue of the old design to make way to a brand new green one. Hopefully you like the new layout, but as always we'd love to hear your comments.

4th February 2004 We've just added a new site map to Webpage Workshop. The site map is based on Kae Verens' collapsible lists article that we featured in our newsletter last February, and uses a mixture of JavaScript and CSS to achieve the hierarchical effect. It also has good cross-browser compatibility.

13th September 2003 Webpage Workshop celebrates the addition of its 100th page! Today we uploaded page number 100, and although this is our first major milestone we hope to almost double this figure within the coming months. At this moment we have huge plans to expand the site, so watch this space...

21st August 2003 The newsletter subscription form is now working, and a whole new system has been put into place to handle the subscriptions. Instead of being manual, like it used to be, it is now powered by Mojo Mail.

On a similar note, the newsletter is now featuring a new column call "Reader's site of the month" in which newsletter subscribers can show off their own website! If you are interested, then why not contact us with your site details and why you think it should be featured in the newsletter?

7th June 2003 The new search function has finally been completed after feedback from its users. New features such as 10 results per page and full relevancy ranking have now been added to it, as well as underlining of the keywords in the page description (this works in browsers other than Internet Explorer).

3rd June 2003 A new search function has been added to the site. It is still in a testing stage, but we feel that it is ready to be used on the site! If you experience any problems with the search engine, then don't hessitate to contact us using the contact form.

24th May 2003 After a long redesign of the XML backend of the site, and a new look to the layout, we have finally made the website a much more user-friendly environment with a more efficient design. Why not let us know what you think of the new design?

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