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Differences from HTML

There are a few difference between HTML and XHTML, but the main and most important of them is that you must close all tags within an XHTML document! Even tags that usually have no closing tag, such as images, now have to be closed! More information about how to change your tags can be found in the conversion tutorial.

Another difference includes the removal of certain HTML tags, mainly the presentation types. This is because XHTML is not supposed to be used to create presentation, but rather to just markup your pages for display - you should use Cascading Style Sheets instead! The <font> tag for example is no longer supported.

As XHTML is a much stricter version of HTML, there are certain rules that must be followed:

These are about the only real differences, but it does take a while to get used to them! If you already know HTML then just take a look at the converting tutorial, which will show you how to change from HTML to XHTML. If you are new to making web pages, then I would suggest that you either use HTML first or start from scratch with the XHTML tutorials.

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